5 Need to Know Tips for Designing Wedding Albums

Posted on June 25, 2014 by Phillis Brooks

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Everyone enjoys looking at a beautiful uniquely designed wedding album. Newly married couples, their families and friends love reminiscing over wedding photographs, wanting to relive those precious, once-in-a-life-time moments. And while, Phaloo products can help professional photographers reach their full creative potential, we’ve also provided some tips to help you focus on creating that timeless album with the perfect shots:

Tell their Story
You are your client’s visual storyteller. You want to tell the complete story of the couple’s wedding day. Remember when shooting details to keep items in the same lighting and also remember to shoot both vertical and horizontal shots of each so you can easily choose ones that fit the album.

Give Page and Photo Limits
It is easier for the client (and you) if you give the client a page limit and an image limit. It is often overwhelming for a client to narrow the photos and they will choose too many. A good rule of thumb is 2-5 images per spread (or 2 pages).

Simple Design Equals a Timeless Wedding Album
The best way to create a timeless wedding album is to use clean and simple design. A extra graphics, fading or photo layering.

Embrace the White Space
Negative space (or white space) eliminates distractions and allows your eye to focus on the photographs. You want to create an album that focuses on the couple and their special day. This also allows you as a photographer to focus on a photo that is perfectly made for that spread.

Give Your Client OwnershipYou are the expert and your clients are putting their trust in you based on your experience. However, your client may ask to see a different photo than the one you suggest. Best advice is to show them options and stand by your recommendation.

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