About Us

What is Phaloo?

Phaloo is many things to many people, but let’s start by saying that it is an integration of quality products and innovative software for professional photographers.
Phaloo is a provider of amazing products, the source of creative ideas and a portal to empower and assist photographers to meet their fullest business and creative potential.

Phaloo Products

Built on a solid foundation of over 25 years, Phaloo manufactures a wide range of albums and complimentary products to satisfy all your studio needs. Our products are categorized as follows:

Studio Essentials
Wall Art
Home Décor

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We are pleased to bring you phalooStudio, our revolutionary new software program that we developed as a means to streamline and simplify your product workflow. We want you, the professional photographer to experience how easy it is to design, proof, build and deliver your products, so we offer a free 15 day trial period – no obligations or credit card required. We are confident that once you try phalooStudio, you will see for yourself how it provides solutions to problems that working professionals, like you, face every day.