Creating A Successful Photography Business

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Phillis Brooks



Be Professional
Make sure your business is legal and ensured. Getting audited, owing $$$ in sales tax or sued by a client does not make for success!

Know Your Finances
Know how much money your making and how much you’re spending. Understand how much you need to make and how to price your services to reach your goal.

Know Your Client
You need to know and understand who your ideal client is before you can market to them. If you don’t know whom you’re marketing to your business will suffer from lack of direction and you won’t get the client you truly want.

Strive To Be Different
Understand what makes you different from everyone else. Is it how you shoot? How you edit your photos? What you offer your clients? What your specialty is? Know what sets you apart and capitalize on it. Market it. Promote it.

Work, Work, Work…
From marketing to networking and everything in between to have a successful business you will have to put in long hours. Managing your business, keeping your clients happy, maintaining your website, billing for your services and staying on top of the latest technology all eat up your time.

Teaming up with Phaloo will definitely help your photography business. We help maximize your time and profit.

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