Increase Sale During The Holidays

Posted on October 20, 2016 by Phillis Brooks

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Increase Sale
During The Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Most photographers are happily scheduling family and lifestyle sessions with their clients. Here are a few ways to increase your sales and create a stronger client loyalty with holiday gift suggestions.

Think Creatively
Suggest clever unique setting and natural family compositions. Present your clients with truly distinctive images that they want to give as gifts. Mention accordion books make beautiful keepsakes for grandmothers and family members.

Have a Flexible Schedule
Many families want portraits taken for the holiday season, think about opening your schedule for increased bookings. Keep track your appointments to a double-bookings and have a list handy of your favorite studio essentials such as folios, studio mats and easels.

Think about creating a holiday package and decide what you want to charge and an easy way for your clients to pay. Research and decided before the holiday rush.

Holidays Are More Than Christmas
Promote your photography packages for holidays of all faiths and nationalities to increase your visibility and sales. Include non-religious sessions like snow day photos or fireside shots.

Create a Special
Most photographers enjoy increased booking during the holidays, so think about offering a client special discount, a nice “thank you” to loyal clients. Another idea is offer promotions on prints, proof books, albums, or photo boxes.

Mini Sessions
Mini sessions give photographers a chance to increase earning without sacrificing time. Just pick a location, schedule 15-minute sessions, and invite your clients. They come to you, you have everything ready in advance, it’s a win for everyone.

Social Media Advertising
Social media provides important benefits for photographers. One, you can reach a targeted market of potential clients and, you can feature your photography to initiate interest. Popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Holidays offer photographers a great opportunity to create additional income and make their clients’ holidays even merrier. Remember Phaloo is always here with helpful suggestions! Happy Holidays and Happy Snapping! “”””””””””>”””””