Inspiring Tips for Maternity Photography

Posted on August 4, 2014 by Phillis Brooks

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Photographing a woman’s body during pregnancy is rewarding and memorable but it does have its challenges. It’s important to remember that photographing an expectant mom should be done in month 7 when they are most comfortable and have less water retention. With some planning and sensitivity, a maternity shoot can be a great experience for you and the mom.

Help Mom Feel Relaxed and Beautiful
It’s never easy to feel sexy and pregnant. Talk to the mom ahead of time and work around her sensitivities. You may even suggest she get her hair and make up done for the session. During the shoot, you may need to encourage her with words. “You really look lovely pregnant,” or “You’re glowing,” “Just think these are your first photos with your new baby!”

Simplify the Surroundings
Try simplicity. Let the miracle of life speak for itself. Simple background, simple clothing, simple image. A hand over a belly, a mother standing over a bassinet, all bringing the focus on the upcoming event.

Venture Outdoors
Having a baby is a beautiful event in a woman’s life. Why not marry the miracle of life with the greatness of nature? Try a beach, with mom looking out into the ocean, or sitting on a rock amongst flowers in a garden.

Stay At Home
Photographing the mom-to-be in her home is one of the best places to get mom (and dad) to relax. Shots of mom on the couch or in her backyard, sitting with her pet can create some beautiful quiet moments. This is also a great opportunity to include siblings and dad.

Add Dad
Including dad-to-be focus on the family and in turn may be less stressful for mom. Mom and Dad could go outside in the garden and goof around together, being silly. Focusing on the partnership before children makes the moment fun and special.

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