Keeping Your Clients Happy And Coming Back – Part 1

Posted on November 15, 2015 by Phillis Brooks


Your best clients are your current clients!

The best way to have ongoing work is to keep your current clients happy. Repeat clients save you time and money! If clients happy with your work and service the have no problem referring you to their friends. But it’s not enough to just keep them happy they need to be truly impressed.

Tip to keeping your clients back

1. Focus on the 20%
Generally 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. Keep on eye on them don’t neglect them, stay in touch and know them well. Of course it goes with out saying to not forget the other 80%!

2. Forget the technical terms
Not using technical language keeps your communication clear and understandable for clients and eliminates any misunderstandings.

3. Know your client
Find out a little about your client before meeting them is always a nice way to start a relationship. Send out a questionnaire that asks specific questions that might help give you an insight to their personalities.

4. Let them involved
Ask them questions, understand what they want and are looking for. Run your ideas past them, give them choices, and listen when they offer suggestions.

5. Make it enjoyable
Laughter is always a good sign your client is relaxed and is having a good time. Putting your clients at ease help to ensure insightful comments, feedback and return business.

6. Feedback
Hearing your client’s comments on your services, product, and performance is essential to improving your business. Finish up a project by asking them questions or sending out a wrap up questionnaire.

By taking these simple steps, your client will appreciate you all the more, and hopefully feel comfortable trusting you with additional work and referrals. Or next blog will continue to offer suggestions on how to keep your client’s impressed with you and your work.

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