Parents who provide false information in the questionnaire recruitment to kindergarten, have a greater chance that there will get their child.

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Phillis Brooks

French or German). Faculty also admits double points for completing the same przedmiotu.W this case, the SAC also had reservations about granting points for the diploma exam and additionally the diploma seminars. This is contrary to the standards of education in the field of mathematics. In addition, these points are made for the preparation of work or study for an exam. They should therefore be granted before the final exam, and not after it (as is apparent from the unlawful study regulations, which allows to include the last semester after passing an exam, diploma) .Uchybienia often relate to part-time studies.

For example, in computer science at the Faculty of Sciences University of Podlasie number of hours allocated to the program of studies is too small. In addition, the students do not have the choice of training content in the framework of items to choose from – a decision in this case belong to the authority wydziału.Bezkarne uczelnieUczelnia that seems higher education diplomas awarded on the basis of bad points, in practice, not be held in this respect any consequences. In the worst case it threatens to reprimand, if you notice abnormalities State Commission Akredytacyjna.- themselves badly counted points are not enough to give a conditional evaluation for the university, which obliges it to change. Must submit it to several factors – says Marek Rocki, chairman PKA.Dodaje that only such an assessment requires the universities to eliminate shortcomings. If this is not done within a year, the Minister of Science and Higher Education may issue a decision on deprivation of the powers of the kierunku.Kursy uzupełnieniaMimo that errors in the allocation of points commit universities, in case they are detected only graduates bear konsekwencje.- problem may arise if a student wants to study at a foreign university. Then his diploma may not go nostrification procedure – says Tomasz Lewiński.Podobne may have trouble in the event of a dispute diploma by the supervising committees, for example. Examinations on applications or other legal examinations of credit which depends on obtaining professional qualifications.

It may also be the case that, when you graduate high school graduate wants to take a higher degree, for example. Master or doktoranckie.Bartosz Loba, a spokesman for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Higher Education), explains that in the event of such notification to the Ministry will be initiated in case of administrative sprawdzającą.- procedure If any breach of duty will be forwarded recommendations regarding the need to complete the missing courses (points) and verify acquired knowledge, eg. through exams – dodaje.Podaje example, that such action has been used in relation to the university, where students (eg. after a post-secondary school) they had wrongly included some items from the previous school. Then they had to complete the training and pass the additional position egzaminy.Sprzeciw absolwentówZe Higher Education disagrees Thomas Lewiński.- graduate can not bear the consequences for that institution erroneously counts the points, on the basis of which they are issued diplomas – says Tomasz Lewiński.Wyjaśnia that since college is accredited, it issued its diplomas are ważne.- only if the minister decides deprived of its powers, they will be invalid – says Tomasz Lewinski. According to international research on health behavior of children and adolescents – HBSC-Health Behavior in School-aged Children. WHO Collaborative Study 2010 – 35.5 percent of them maintain physical activity at recommended levels.

4 hours and spend more every day at home 25.9 percent of surveyed students with homework, and 44.4 percent watching TV on days off from school. Chief Sanitary Inspector, based on the results of this study recommends how to choose the right school backpack and shows how to pack it. Properly chosen because knapsack preventing musculoskeletal system dysfunctions schoolbag should not weigh more than 10 to 15 percent. student’s body weight. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom and the lighter above. Adjacent to the back wall should be reinforced.

The competent satchel is equal, wide shoulder straps, the length of which allows free insertion and removal, ensuring the best adhesion to the backpack back. It is also recommended additional fastening tensioning straps on the front of the chest. The backpack should be worn on both arms. To a worn by children unnecessary things, should control the content satchels parents. Chief Sanitary Inspector also recommends them to take cooperation with the school to organize places where students could leave some textbooks and school supplies.

The importance of school bags affects not only bear the additional dictionaries, books, memoirs and toys, but also the type of material from which the bag was made. Empty weight satchel ranges from 0.5 kg to 2 kg. Too heavy knapsack can contribute to back pain, decreased lung capacity, improper static body and consequently lead to the curvature of the spine. Therefore, it is also important to provide children with exercise and proper production of motor habits, behavior or body symmetry when performing physical activities and static such as watching TV or doing homework. Polish school education so poorly that almost half of parents send children on additional activities.

And not just on foreign languages, but the basic items – Polish, mathematics or history. Already formed company providing tutoring. The segment also includes language schools. This demonstrates not only the collapse of the Polish school, but also about the fact that half the population is paying for the education of the children twice. Once in the form of taxes, for the second time tutoring.

Their market is estimated at several billion zł.We Wroclaw already operates 14 stationary outlets where you can get tutoring. The first of these was the company Platu partner Schülerhilfe companies operating in Germany. – Polish market started to be interested in 2008. The study showed that every fifth student regularly uses tutoring – tells us Anna Skiba-Saładucha the Platu. Today, the company already has six branches in major cities. Next to her, there are other brands often operating on a answer my chemistry questions franchise basis. In Lodz and five other cities such acts.

School Academic !, in nine other cities Arysto, Mobile Teachers – in 10. But this is not the end. On the internet platform registered more than 34 thousand. tutors. The site has 22 million annually wyświetleń.Z probe agency educational Language Abroad shows that 68 per cent. students consider learning a foreign language at school to be inadequate, even though since 2008. children learn English from the first grade of primary school. Scale training is also confirmed by other data.

According to this year’s report of the European Commission 50.7 percent. from the group of 12 year olds receiving tutoring training of language, 50 percent. from history, 17.7 percent. Polish language, 15 per cent., in mathematics, the four main subjects at this stage edukacji.Dlaczego Polish school so poorly taught? For years, exchanged they are the same arguments. Bad system of education and teachers, bureaucracy and teacher card, which distorts the system of motivation of teachers. – Persons responsible for their training themselves sometimes have problems with the subject, who teach – says Cezary Urban, director of the XIII School in Szczecin, recognized in the years 2004 – 2010 for the best Polsce.Nauczyciele in turn complain about the bureaucracy. They must fill out 20 different forms and answer the GUS probe, offices and departments for. Education.

Despite this, half of the staff working for companies korepetytorskich teachers. Students who find themselves in the EC report, indicate that tutoring just take from them. In 10 per cent. This is the teacher of the class, at 8 percent. Same school, 31 percent. szkoły.Dlaczego with other teachers, dorabiając on the market, they learn better than in school? For this state of affairs is also stored in the Charter system of teacher career advancement. It caused that more than half of the teachers reached the highest professional status and there are no prospects for increases related to improving kwalifikacji.To that the education system could function better show examples of non-public schools, in which the card is not working, and the earnings determined headmaster.

Their advantage over public schools the best PISA reports show. According to the last, who compared among literacy skills, students in public schools received scores comparable to the average in the OECD, and the results of students from private schools were nearly 60 points higher. 30 points is the same as a year nauki.Wszystkie these data indicate that the education system needs change, and letting him more market does not harm the quality of education. The number of revocations is particularly concerned with mathematics. This year the subject of the secondary school graduates caused the most problems and it oblało nearly 20 percent. candidates.

Information on students astringent CKE intends to give school superintendents to those exercised within the framework of pedagogical supervision of the schools, they could find out the reasons for increase in the number of high school graduates unfair. For high school students they attracted both high schools and technicians, and cases of unauthorized use of forms of assistance were detected in the public and non-public schools. Among the provinces, where the scale of the problem was the most serious include Holy Cross province, where the commission canceled this year, 193 high school, and most – 114 Precisely in mathematics. Adamed Agros-Nova, Software Mind if ING Bank Slaski – these are just some examples of companies, which this year introduced a special internship programs for students. With recruitment agency data show that the number of such offers in comparison with last year increased by 50 – 60 percent .: eg. portal. In April, there were 1.5 thousand., and the agency Work Service over 2 tys.Co Interestingly, most companies offer trainees a pretty decent money.

The lowest salary is 1.4 thousand. zł, and the highest up to 4 thousand. zł. This new trend, because the company has so far treated the students as free labor force, claiming that graduates can not do, and their apprenticeship to the profession is koszty.Firmowe kawyDziś brew that is changing, because the number of students, which until now was growing dynamically, now he begins to fall. Last year, the university entered the first year of demographic decline. To 2020. Number of students in Poland may fall by up to 40 percent. – In the coming years, companies will tighten competition for the best graduates – explains Marta Piasecka, head of the Office of Career Services at the University of Warsaw. – Employers will have to put more effort into organizing internship – podkreśla.Co more, free of internships also give up the students themselves. – I prefer to work with removals in Belgium, than make coffee in the corporation – says Hubert Zielinski, a student of the School of Life, which calculated that for his work in the West will get approx. 65 euros per day.

Unwillingness to work for free is also confirmed by a recent study of the Association of Employment Agencies. They suggest that this summer only every tenth student takes into consideration the possibility of holding free practice or internship. That’s up 13 percent. less than a year ago. The number of paid internships only seeking increased from 7 percent. 33 proc.Umowy uczelniamiCoraz with more companies to secure employees today cooperates with universities: participate in the writing curriculum, conduct training workshops, organize internships. Eg.

Infosys, which works closely with the University of Łódź and the Technical University of Lodz, within that year internship 10 – 20 osób.- They are carefully selected people who have the best academic results and are interested in them acquire knowledge in finance – says Magdalena Jozwiak the recruitment department of the company. – Best definitely get a steady job – zapewnia.O Polish students are struggling too big multinationals. At the Cracow Academy of Mining and Metallurgy and the Warsaw School of Economics they appeared in this year, representatives of large companies in the extractive industry or aviation, who are looking for the most talented students. – they invite them for internships to London or the United States and pay a few, and sometimes several thousand euros a month – says Krzysztof Inglot with Work Service.Firmy also decide to conduct their own recruitment program, without close cooperation with universities. – For several years we cooperated with several departments of architecture, including organizing competitions for students combined with lectures and workshops. We abandoned this in favor of independent activities, mainly due to high costs – says Monika Kupska-Kupis, architect of Velux. This year, students who pass the recruitment process for an internship, will work in the Danish architectural office. The company is financing round trip, academician, communication card and pay the allowance. Parents who provide false information in the questionnaire recruitment to kindergarten, have a greater chance that there will get their child. Municipalities do not verify, because it does not allow the Inspector General of the protection of personal data.

Premier year and a half ago already announced urgent changes in the rules of recruitment, but the Ministry of Education so far nothing in this case did not zrobiło.Samorządy just recruit for the next school year. Good chance for a place in a public institution cheaper to children whose both parents work and live in the community in which it resides. Therefore, the polls indicate a false registration place of residence and work. Also point out that both work, even if it is nieprawda.- happens that the mother declares bringing up a child, and at the same time authorizes his father to pick up from kindergarten or even after they both do not come – says Arleta Drozdowska of the department of education in the City of Bydgoszcz . He admits that the office takes note of such cases of fraud, but it is not going to weryfikować.Samorządy argue that the law does not allow them to request documents from the parents, including ZUS RMUA certificate (confirming the employment) and annual tax (PIT place of residence and payment of income tax), and even judgments concerning rozwodu.- It would be against the law – says Wojciech Rafal DGP Wiewiórowski, General Data Protection Supervisor (Inspector General) . He repeatedly intervened in the Ministry of National Education to the law have been identified recruitment rules that are compatible with the rules on personal data protection. The Ministry in November last year at a meeting with representatives of local governments claimed that they would take the case.