Phaloo teams up with Louise and Joseph Simone

Posted on May 1, 2014 by Phillis Brooks


When we heard that Louise and Joseph Simone wanted to work with Phaloo on an album presentation for one of their clients we were ecstatic!

Louise and Joseph are masters in the art of photography and have had their own photography studio since 1975. They are international travelers for their profession and have been invited to countries around the globe as Eastman Kodak Pro Mentors, sharing their extensive knowledge about light and the composition of photography. Both have earned their Craftsman and Master of Photography titles in Canada and the United States and have been named Canada’s Photographer of The Year seven times.

Louise and Joseph never stop exploring and growing which has lead them to a new visual art form which combines digital photography, painting and unique materials such as pigment inks on aluminum. Louise and Joseph are all about classic portraiture, but with a contemporary flair. They never compromise on the quality of any image or for that matter anything in their lives. Their use of rich colors and lighting is unparalleled and further solidifies their title as masters.

When asked at an SCU seminar, What advice would you give photographers just getting started? They answered without hesitation, “The best advice we could offer beginning photographers can be boiled down into one powerful word “EDUCATION”. Education in lighting, posing, composition, facial study etc… Push your limits as high as the sky and keep your passion alive. In our field, it is crucial to distinguish ourselves with a unique signature to make a difference, supported by effective marketing and excellent customer service.”

Louise and Joseph bring a wonderfully distinctive eye and style to their signature images and are artists in the purest sense. They firmly believe that great portraits are not just the result of precise lighting techniques, meticulous use of the rules of composition and creative posing. The core of their philosophy is warmth and respect for every person they photograph. “The passion we invest in our profession is reflected in each image. The subject who feels respected, loved and valued will disclose his or her true personality with complete authenticity.

If you’re looking to see more of their work visit their websites at and

We are honored to show you the photography album we created for Louise and Joseph. Like the Simones, Phaloo takes great pride in creating only the finest quality products for its clients.

Testimonial from Joseph and Louise Simone:

Before we work in partnership with a supplier, we make sure that we both have the same goal in common. Phaloo has met every quality and professional criteria that we expected and even more, starting with the design and continuing all the way to the final products. Pushing the limits of design and execution was never a problem,  because they care. We understand that when our standards are reached we will have a very appreciative and happy customer. Their reaction upon seeing albums we created was overwhelming. They could not stop expressing their joy and gratitude for those precious memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives and share with future generations.

In today’s market we need to distinguish ourselves and go beyond what is expected of us. We must offer quality and exclusivity underlined with a strong signature style of our work. Phaloo has been a real pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them. “”””””””””>”””””