Your website could be one of your best marketing tools.

Posted on April 19, 2016 by Phillis Brooks



Starting your business, as a photographer and thinking they will come will not bring clients in your door. Posting on social media and sending out postcards doesn’t always do the trick either. Photographers need to have a strong website, one that grabs attention, is informative, and has a powerful call to action.

Here are a few principles for developing a robust website that will encourage web guest to continue to explore your site and ultimately convert to potential clients:

– Make a strong visual statement on your home page. Entice with a well-worded headline that makes them want more.

– Keep it simple and easy. Categorize your photography directing your message for that specific market.

– Be selective. Feature only the work you are 100% happy with. Show the work you want to specialize in or want more of.

– Start blogging. Nothing better than writing about your recent work. Promote your blog posts on all your social media platforms. Clients love to see their photos online and tend to share with friends and family.

– Make it easy to connect. Having your phone number and email address in more than one place helps ensure a visitor will know how to contact you.

– Think it through. A well thought out website with logical navigation will prevent visitors from getting frustrated and leave your site because they could not find the information they wanted.

– Remember, the site should be an extension of you. Your about page should have a recent photo and have a unique bio yourself explaining why you are a photographer and philosophy on photography.

– Design your pages with only enough text to make your point. Short headline, short sentences, pull out quote and great visual is all you need. Most people today want to get the message quickly.

– Promote yourself. Have client testimonials through out your site as well as on their own page.

– Be social. Link all your social media accounts to your website. It’s a perfect way to promote your business as well as show how connected and busy you are.

– Set your price expectation. Including your basic package price information. It’s better for everyone for your visitors to know upfront so there are no misunderstandings.

We at Phaloo love when you feature our products you’ve purchased on your website or blog.  Partnering with vendors in our industry is always a win-win for everyone involved. If you let us know in advance we will often have you as a guest blogger on our blog and promote your posts on our social media accounts.

We truly love working with our clients and believe in promoting them as often as we can.

Until next time!